Laurel Ridge Moravian Camp

and Conference Center has raised over $3,000,000 in the past decade with the help of Morning Star Campaign Services. How can Morning Star help your ministry grow?


What Will Your Legacy Be?

Through God’s grace we are given the things in life for which we are the most grateful. Our GiftLegacy program can help you extend that grace by supporting the ministries you care about most – now and in the future.


Ephraim Moravian Church

has used their Moravian Common Fund investment returns to renovate their parsonage, plant trees in their cemetery, participate in mission trips, and more. What can Investing Where You Believe help your church or agency do?


Let's talk honestly about money and the church

THE MORAVIAN MINISTRIES FOUNDATION helps Moravian individuals, churches, and agencies grow and sustain the ministries that are central to their faith.  We do this through investments, gift planning, and stewardship development.

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Honor Roll of Investors

The Moravian Ministries Foundation helps Moravian individuals, churches and agencies grow and sustain the ministries that are central to our faith. We do this through investments, gift planning and stewardship development. As an agency of the Moravian Church in America, our sole purpose is to help grow funds for Moravian ministries. We do not raise money for our own operations; instead, we help Moravians identify the work and values they most want to support and provide proven, sensible options for achieving their goals.

Taking Stock

According to Barlow Mann, Chief Operating Officer at Sharpe Group, "In spite of a global economic slowdown, Brexit, terrorist attacks at home and abroad, a contentious presidential race and a general atmosphere of uncertainty, the U.S. stock markets reached new highs in August. The Dow, NASDAQ and the S&P set new records this summer."

Moravian Common Fund Ranks Number One

The Annual Peer Group Study of the investment performance of faith-based and community foundations is a way we measure and evaluate the efficacy of the Moravian Common Fund. The study, along with other tools, helps us determine if we are doing the best we can to serve the Church in the areas of money for ministry.

Ending the Year Well

Get a head start on your year-end tax planning by considering these worthwhile strategies before December 31st.

Giving Retirement Assets

We have good news. You can provide for your loved ones and the Moravian ministries you care most about while avoiding unnecessary taxes. Do you have a qualified pension plan, profit sharing plan, 401(k), 403(b) tax sheltered annuity, IRA, or stock option plan? Congress never meant for these plans to be passed on to heirs. These assets are considered "Income in Respect of Decedent or IRD", and someone has to pay the tax on them. By leaving them to someone other than your spouse, you can subject your heirs to significant taxes on their inheritance.

Resources for Congregations

The Giving Autobiography

What is your earliest memory of giving and of receiving? Mine involves my grandmother; she took me out to lunch every year on my birthday, letting me pick the restaurant (as a kid that was usually McDonald’s or Arby’s), and then we went shopping and I got to pick out whatever I wanted as long as it was $20 or less. As an adult I can appreciate that her giving was how we all should give….selflessly. She didn’t make me eat where she wanted to eat (most likely the K&W Cafeteria or the Carriage House), and she didn’t give me something she thought I should have; she let me choose.

Good Things Take Time

About this time last year, conversations with Jeff Coppage, pastor of Covenant Moravian Church, York Pennsylvania, were really beginning to point in the direction of a capital campaign. We actually started talking in 2014, dreaming about a plan to celebrate the congregation’s renewed interest in mission and outreach. And a very important 50th anniversary would occur in 2015. In 1965, two congregations of modest means, Bethany and Olivet Moravian Churches, joined to form a new congregation, Covenant, a name to reflect their shared commitment.  

Learning to Lead

This past Saturday, Laura Watson and I attended the Board of Cooperative Ministries’ “Leadership Focus 2016”.  Held at Fairview Moravian in Winston-Salem, this all-day event entitled “Living the Essentials”, attracted Moravian pastors and laypersons from across the Southern Province. After the keynote address by the Rev. Dr. Jill Crainshaw from Wake Forest School of Divinity, we could chose from eleven different workshops focusing on leadership for a variety of areas: music, mission, church communication, governance and much more.