Sister Bay Moravian Church

is one of the almost 100 Moravian churches and agencies who invest in the Moravian Common Fund. Every dollar invested strengthens our shared Moravian values. If this sounds like a good idea to you, let's talk about it.


Moravian Ministries Can Shine Forever

but they need your support. Our GiftLegacy program can help you give to what you care about most - now and in the future.


Kernersville Moravian Church

is changing their conversation about money and ministry by focusing on Grace, Generosity and Gratitude. Let us help your church do the same.


Let's talk honestly about money and the church

THE MORAVIAN MINISTRIES FOUNDATION helps Moravian individuals, churches, and agencies grow and sustain the ministries that are central to their faith.  We do this through investments, gift planning, and stewardship development.

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Invest Where You Believe

Let's talk honestly about money and the church.

Forever this has been a naturally complex relationship, because God's grace is freely given and yet doing His work requires so much.

Love. Kindness. Action. And yes, money.

At the Moravian Ministries Foundation, the churches, congregations, and individuals we serve understand this. For them, letting values guide their giving is recognition of a simple, practical truth:

viable ministries need an abundance of resources to thrive.

Blended Giving

So many times in life we think we must choose between two alternatives, like two different cups of coffee. When making a gift to support the causes they care about, many people feel like they either have to choose between making a sizable gift today, so they can see firsthand the impact of their gift (and receive any upfront tax benefits), or holding off on making their intended gift until much later, when they know they won't need the money during their lifetime.

Measuring the Common Fund's Performance

Each year the Moravian Ministries Foundation looks beyond the usual measures, such as benchmarks and the like, to see how our investment returns compare with those of similar endowments and foundations. This effort helps us ensure the churches and agencies who participate in the Common Fund are getting the best returns. We will not be number one every year, but being among the top performers is a goal we strive to achieve.


2016 Common Fund Performance Report

2016 was an interesting year for investors and Common Fund participants. Early in the year we experienced the remnants of the downturn that began in 2015. Then we had a mid-year rally followed by nervousness about the elections. The year concluded with the so-called Trump Rally.

Giving Beyond a Lifetime

The Moravian Ministries Foundation helps Moravian individuals, churches and agencies grow and sustain the ministries that are central to our faith. We do this through investment management, gift planning, and assisting with stewardship development and capital fundraising.

Resources for Congregations

Raising the Next Generation to be Grateful and Generous

Children are one of God's greatest gifts. We strive to raise them to be compassionate, appreciative, and kindhearted. As a church we promise to love and nurture them in Christ. One of our responsibilities as communities of faith is to teach our children how to recognize God's abundant gifts of grace, to be grateful for what they have been given, and to be generous. Here are a few ideas to help as we develop the next generation of stewards.

1. Help children see that God has given them many blessings. (This also teaches good self-esteem.)

Step Up Generosity in 2017

We recommend to pastors and church leaders that you take the time to "step out" your congregational giving this year. Using a chart like the one in the photo (from Herb Miller's Grow1 Stewardship Program), you can easily see how people are supporting the church as well as challenge members to consider moving up a step. Many congregations share the concern that only a few members are generating most of the church's gifts; at a recent conference we heard from a pastor whose church has 10% of the members giving 45% of its budget.

The Giving Autobiography

What is your earliest memory of giving and of receiving? Mine involves my grandmother; she took me out to lunch every year on my birthday, letting me pick the restaurant (as a kid that was usually McDonald’s or Arby’s), and then we went shopping and I got to pick out whatever I wanted as long as it was $20 or less. As an adult I can appreciate that her giving was how we all should give….selflessly. She didn’t make me eat where she wanted to eat (most likely the K&W Cafeteria or the Carriage House), and she didn’t give me something she thought I should have; she let me choose.