5 Ways to Best Use Your New Online Giving Tools

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It’s easy to schedule monthly gifts online, remember someone special, and more

On August 1 the Moravian Ministries Foundation in America (MMFA) launched the new Moravian Giving Portal. And, for the first time, many Moravian congregations (those who have any kind of relationship with MMFA) suddenly found themselves with the infrastructure to receive credit card donations online.

Some immediately recognized the opportunity and put it to good use. Bethania Moravian Church in Winston-Salem was among the first to embrace this opportunity and receive substantial, four-digit gifts online through the Portal. Ebenezer Moravian Church in Watertown, WI received the most online gifts during the Moravian Day of Service on September 15.

Others have not made use of the tool just yet. So, here are five ways your congregation can make the most of the new online giving infrastructure:

  1. Pledging with purpose.

    Encourage members to set up monthly, automatic payments through the Giving Portal as part of their pledge, and as part of a holistic approach to stewardship. More and more people are using electronic banking to make all their financial payments and free themselves from writing checks. Why should a church pledge be any different? Statistics show a rise in monthly charitable giving online and in online giving as a whole. Some Moravians have reported that online giving helps keep them organized.

  2. Close the distance gap.

    Many people who grew up Moravian may still feel a strong connection to your church – even if they have moved away. Reaching out with associate member status can help them stay in touch emotionally and stay invested financially. If your church live streams services, you have a remote audience who may be inclined to give financially if you make it easy for them to do so online.

  3. Memorials in lieu of flowers.

    When beloved members of the congregation enter the more immediate presence of the Lord, others want to do something to honor and remember them. Offering a link to make online gifts to the church in lieu of flowers a part of the obituary and church communication helps everyone near and far do something meaningful and long-lasting. The same is true for honoring the living on occasions such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

  4. A helper in inclement weather.

    Studies show that most of the time when churches cancel services due to weather, they never fully recover the offerings they would have received on those days. Putting a link to your Giving Portal online giving form from your own web page, in your electronic newsletters, and social media, increase the odds of recovery.

  5. Social media fundraisers.

    Do you ever notice members of your congregation on Facebook promote a charitable fundraiser on their birthdays? Encourage them to choose your congregation or Moravian ministry. Gifts can be made in honor of anyone or designated to a specific fund or project.

Have questions about the Giving Portal? Click here to see Frequently Asked Questions. If your Moravian congregation is among those who do not have online giving through the Moravian Giving Portal, please contact Chris Spaugh at 888-722-7923 or cspaugh@nullmmfa.info.

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