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We are grateful for the many people who contributed to a remarkable first ever Moravian Day of Giving on February 16. Moravian agencies and churches received over 200 gifts on that day — 70 of which came from first-time users of MMFA’s Giving Portal. This exceeded our previous record for the most gifts processed on a single day by 25%. The more than $80,000 collected for Moravian congregations and agencies included the full $10,000 matching gift for our Field Of Interest Funds for future grants to various ministries. Prevention of Violence Against Women, Hunger & Thirst, and Housing & Shelter Funds were the largest recipient field of interest funds.

We extend a special thanks to our sponsoring bishops, The Rt. Rev. Lane Sapp and The Rt. Rev. Hopeton Clennon, as well as our matching donor, Sister Sallie Greenfield. We thank the Provincial Elders’ Conferences of the Northern and Southern Provinces for their support, The Rev. Lance Fox and an anonymous donor of Moravian branded clothing, the staff of MMFA for donating credit card points to acquire gift cards, and the many church and agency communicators who helped get the word out.

This event was certainly a lot of fun in a time when so many are still hurting. These gifts will go directly to support ministries as the donor intended and may God Bless each gift. I continue to be amazed at how we can rally together even in pandemic times for the cause of Christ. As your foundation, we will continue to work to provide solutions and meet needs as we all move ministry forward, together.

On behalf of all the Moravian congregations, agencies, ministries and individual recipients of these generous gifts, we thank each donor who made a contribution above and beyond the tithe or pledge on our first Moravian Day of Giving. We look forward to repeating this special call again next year on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 (which also happens to be the anniversary of the beginning of the Unity of the Brethren, Shrove Tuesday, and Mardi Gras). #MoravianDayOfGiving

What you told us in our post-Day-of-Giving-survey

Survey response rate was greater than 25% of those who made gifts on the Day of Giving. 67% of respondents identified with the Southern Province. 46% were age 65 or older. 27% were ages 55 – 64.


79% were motivated by giving to a specific organization they care about

57% were motivated as an act of stewardship

47% were motivated to give above and beyond their tithe


57% reported giving more than in previous years

55% gave to at least one new organization in the last year

47% reported giving to more organizations than previous years

The Portal

83% said the Giving Portal was easy to use

62% said it is important to have all churches and agencies on one site

56% plan to use the Portal again


Chris Spaugh

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Chris joined the Moravian Ministries Foundation on June 1, 2017 as President. A lifelong resident of North Carolina, Chris spent 22 years in increasing positions of responsibility at Wells Fargo Bank NA, and its predecessor, Wachovia Bank. He is a passionate leader of relationship-driven philanthropy in the areas of charitable giving and financial solutions. Chris has vast experience with visionary leadership, staff management, nonprofit governance, financial management/oversight, client service, partnership-building and strategic planning.
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