Three acts of love for Moravian dads

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Fatherhood has been my favorite blessing and role in life. I have loved watching my two sons grow up in the church and become fine men. For me, Father’s Day is not about the gifts I will receive. It is more blessed to give than to receive. And I want to give my family everything I can. I won’t be able to leave them a financial fortune. But, there are three acts of love most Moravian fathers can leave their families:

Join the Moravian Widows’ Society

The Widow’s Society provides aid for the widows of its members. But this is not just a gift of love for your widow. Everything you do to assure her financial security and well-being is also a gift to your children. Who qualifies?

  • Married brothers younger than 61 years of age
  • Who are in good health
  • Who are members in good standing of a Moravian congregation, or whose wife is a member in good standing of a Moravian congregation

Your one-time investment can assure a lifetime benefit to your widow.

Here’s how it works: all member payments form a perpetual capital or investment fund, the interest from which is divided between the widows of the members on a share and share alike basis. The dividends, which are paid semi-annually in March and September of each year, have always been generous in proportion to the nominal cost of membership. This small investment just might provide your widow with a lifetime benefit or a benefit until she remarries.

Learn more about The Widows’ Society of Winston-Salem and apply for membership.

All of us at The Moravian Ministries Foundation in America (MMFA) are proud to manage the investments of The Moravian Widows’ Society of Winston-Salem.

Prepare (or update) your will

Leaving your family the gift of a will helps them in times of loss. I have personally witnessed families under pressure become divided by trying to second guess the intentions of a loved one. Your will is your opportunity to express your intentions concerning your assets. It helps avoid second guessing and unnecessary conflict within the family. And it helps avoid unnecessary legal costs, taxation, and delays that would come with the absence of a will. Wills are not only beneficial for wealthy fathers, but are important for Moravian fathers of all means. Take the occasion of this Father’s Day as an opportunity to organize your thoughts using our free Estate Planning Guide. Then take it to your favorite Moravian attorney.

Have an advance directive

Another stressor for your family could come from trying to understand the decisions to make in the event that you become unable to do so yourself. What kind of care and treatments would you like (or not like)? An advance directive is a blessing of clarity for your family and caregivers. They will have peace of mind knowing that you articulated your preferences to give them guidance for these decisions.

Get your Free Five Wishes document here, courtesy of the Moravian Ministries Foundation in America. Enter the code MMFA2020 for your free copy. In many states, this document can become legally-binding once it is signed and notarized.



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