Three ways to develop financial stewardship in 2021

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Right now, many in our country are facing financial struggles. Unfortunately, we avoid the topic of money, especially in our communities of faith. Yet the Bible helps us see how what we do with money impacts our faith, and how our faith must impact what we do with money.

So, what if our churches were equipped to help people have honest conversations about money and to live in a financially responsible and empowered way?

Your Moravian Ministries Foundation is pleased to partner with three different faith-based financial management programs to help people of all ages and incomes have a healthier relationship with money and thus grow in their relationship with God.

In this article we’ll share a summary of each program, as well as our favorite aspects of it, its recommended audience, and quotes from people who have completed it.

Financial Peace University (FPU)

With FPU, you can take control of your money, get out of debt, and create a plan for your future. Created over 25 years ago by Dave Ramsey, FPU offers lessons on saving and spending wisely, paying off debt, investing, and more. The course is completed online and combines videos, discussion, and activities. For virtual classes, participants watch the videos on their own time and use the weekly group discussion to ask questions and learn from each other’s experiences. There are nine lessons, so the course is typically done over nine weeks.

Favorite aspects: The Dave Ramsey organization has perfected this program, providing material that’s fresh and full of energy, as well as top notch videos with common sense advice. In addition to getting a year of access to the curriculum, you also get a year’s subscription to Every Dollar (an easy-to-use budgeting app) and recommended faith-based vendors for solutions like financial planning, insurance, investing and more.

Recommended audience: young adults, newly married couples, those struggling with debt, people who want sound money management advice

Testimony: “Dave is direct and to the point. The how-to guide for getting out of debt and point-by-point steps for budgeting and saving were valuable.” Rev. Katie Van der Linden

“I’m a nerd when it comes to finances, so I really love the Every Dollar app and the ease of doing Dave’s program.  The baby steps are simple, easy to remember, and plain common sense.”  Chris Spaugh, MMFA President.

Bottom-line: Financial Peace offers the most practical budgeting and debt-reduction tools. After a 14-day free trial, the cost is $129.99 for one year (they also offer 3- and 6-month options). 

Six Weeks on Money

6 Weeks is a values-based digital course for church leaders to offer to individuals and groups to help people gain a new way of thinking and feeling about money. Accessible on any device, it includes downloadable mP3 audio lessons, worksheets, and quizzes.

Favorite aspects: being able to listen to the lessons while on the move, the values-based approach helps you get to the root cause of why you behave how you behave with money and how to change that, the structure of the course allows the author to update things at the click of a mouse so the material stays fresh

Recommended audience: people who want to better understand their money-related choices, people with minimal debt-load

Testimony: “I like that 6 Weeks starts with the participant’s values and builds the rest of the program off those values. The lessons open with stories, which is a good way of saying, ‘Money is part of your life story and this is how you can shape that part of your story.’” Rev. Aaron Linville

Bottom-line: Six Weeks offers the deepest examination of why we view and relate to money the way we do, and steps to take to change that. The per household cost is $80; churches may choose a free basic package membership or one that is $65/month or $650/year.

Freed Up Financial Living (FUFL)

FUFL pairs sound financial knowledge with biblical principles of money management. By exploring what the Bible and our culture say about financial areas of life (earning, giving, spending, debt, and saving), FUFL communicates God’s truth about money in a clear and compelling way. The course is completed online and combines lessons you read, quizzes, worksheets, and more.

Favorite aspects: personal spending plan, abundance of scripture in every lesson, links to relevant articles for various topics, such as life-expectancy of household items or the downsides of borrowing from a retirement account

Recommended audience:  Couples, singles, anyone wanting to get serious about managing their finances, people who want a strong spiritual component to a money management class

Testimony: “The biblical component of FUFL is one of its greatest assets; I love how it uses scripture to support its fundamentals. It reminds us that our financial lives aren’t separate from our faith and provides practical and concrete ways to move from ‘foolish to faithful’ in how we relate to money.” Laura Watson, Director of Stewardship Services, MMFA

Bottom-line: Freed Up Financial Living offers the most content from a biblical perspective. The course is $62.99 for one year.

Final Note:

MMFA is excited to offer Moravian communities of faith a variety of ways to participate in any of these programs:

  1. Through a MMFA-led online group for your congregation
  2. Through pairing with someone from your congregation to lead an online group
  3. Through online groups for people from various congregations

We’re also happy to work with you to make the financial component of any of the programs feasible for you to use in your ministry setting. Please contact Laura Watson, Director of Stewardship Services (336-725-2589 or for more information about any of the programs or to get started today.


Laura Watson

About the Author:

Laura joined the Foundation in April of 2012. A native of Winston-Salem and member of Home Moravian Church, she has worked in the Florida school system, at Salem College, and as Assistant Director of Laurel Ridge, the Southern Province’s camp and conference center. When she’s not busy with stewardship for the Foundation, Laura enjoys running and fundraising for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), as well as traveling with her husband, Mark. She has served on the Salem Academy and College Board of Trustees, the Salem Academy Alumnae Board, and the Triad JDRF Board of Directors.
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