Common Fund Features, Options and Fees

Common Fund Features

Quarterly Reports

In addition to the investment options, the Common Fund provides quarterly investment reports on the performance and activity for each account 7 business days following the end of the quarter.


Along with reporting, the Common Fund generates distributions on a schedule that meets the church’s/agency’s planning needs. The amount distributed can be a percentage of total assets or a fixed dollar amount. You can also choose to reinvest all earnings and not take a distribution. This feature helps churches and agencies comply with restrictions on distributions as imposed by benefactors, the church council, and/or the trustees.

Contributions and New Investments

Additions to current investments and the creation of new funds can occur at any time during the month. There is no need to wait until the end of the month or quarter to put the church’s/agency’s money to work. Once a new or additional investment is received by our investment partner, it is invested and put to work within five business days.

Change Sheets

Circumstances and needs change. As a result, every Fall we distribute a Common Fund Change Form. This allows you to change the investment allocation, distribution schedule, and distribution amount for the upcoming year, as well as to add or remove people who are authorized to make decisions for the funds.


Besides helping churches and agencies better manage and invest their funds through the Common Fund, we help churches and agencies organize their permanent funds and endowments. A considerable amount of time is spent revising and developing by-laws that speak to the unique needs and interests of each church and agency. If your church would like assistance with developing investment and endowment policies that work, please contact us.

Investment Options

The Moravian Common Fund offers growth, growth and income, balanced, and income and growth portfolio options, designed to meet the varying needs and strategies of individual churches and agencies. Two of these portfolios have an Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) screen.

  • Growth Allocation of 40% equities, 20% fixed income, 14% real assets, 25% alternative, 1% cash
  • Growth and Income Allocation of 49% equities, 36% fixed income, 7% real assets, 7% alternatives, 1% cash
  • Balanced Allocation of 45% equities, 40% fixed income, 7% real assets, 7% alternative, 1% cash
  • Income and Growth Allocation of 30% equities, 55% fixed income, 5% real assets, 9% alternatives, 1% cash
  • ESG Blended Allocation of 49% equities, 36% fixed income, 7% real assets, 7% alternatives, 1% cash with ESG screenings in place
  • ESG Moderate/Aggressive Allocation of 60% equities, 30% fixed income, 5% real assets, 4% alternatives, 1% cash with ESG screenings in place

The six options allow trustees to look at the investment needs of each endowment and permanent fund of the church/agency and select the allocation that best meets the investment goal and needs for each fund.

For example, a church has three endowment funds: scholarship, cemetery, and building. The cemetery fund must preserve the value of the invested assets and generate income for the care and upkeep of the cemetery; therefore, the Income and Growth or Balanced Fund may be the right choice. The scholarship fund, on the other hand, needs to grow and generate funds from income and appreciation for the annual award to a deserving student. In this case, the Balanced or Growth Fund might be better. Finally, the building fund is a reserve set aside for a planned renovation and expansion effort in five or more years, so the Growth Fund might be best.

Neither Wells Fargo nor the MMFA can or will predict investment returns. However, information about expected rates of return based on past performance is available.

Fees That Fund God's Work

While a portion of the fee pays for our investment partner’s services, part of the fee stays within the church to help other Moravians. MMFA offers Stewardship Services, Gift Planning, Grant-Making, and our online Giving Portal to Moravians at no charge because your investment fees fund this work.