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We’re making it easier for you to support your church and favorite Moravian ministries. Give online as the Spirit moves you from this single location. This page is still a work in progress, so if you do not see your favorite cause here yet, there’s a good chance we’re working on it. Give now to one of our new Field of Interest Funds, the congregations and agencies that already have their own online giving functions or invest in the Common Fund, and funds established through MMFA.

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Give Now To A "Field of Interest"

Your Moravian Ministries Foundation in America’s new Field of Interest funds allow you to align your gifts to the causes you care about most (rather than specific institutions). Various institutions, including Moravian churches and agencies, detail their plans and success measures in the form of grant requests. Grants are made by a board of active Moravians to the applicants who have the strongest plans which are best aligned with the purpose of the fund. Your Moravian Ministries Foundation in America maintains due diligence to assure the funds are used according to plan, consistent with mission of the Field of Interest Fund, and that goal achievement is documented. Click on the Field of Interest below to learn more.

NOTE: Churches and Agencies may apply for grants from these programs.

  • Hunger & Thirst Field of Interest Fund
    Hunger & Thirst

    Your contributions to this Field of Interest Fund help Moravian churches, ministries, and agencies feed the hungry and sustain the thirsty. In Matthew 25:35, Jesus says, “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.” Existing and new institutions in our communities apply for grants for this money. A board, made up of active Moravians, decides how the funds are granted. The Moravian Ministries Foundation in America acknowledges your gift, manages the funds, receives the grant applications, and maintains due diligence to assure: 1) the funds are used for the purpose specified by the grant, 2) the funds are used efficiently in a manner consistent with the mission of this fund, and 3) the results of the grant are documented and assessed. Agencies of the Moravian Church in America, affiliated congregations and ministries are the preferred recipients of your gifts to this fund.

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Give Now To A Specific Organization

We’ve made it easy for you to support your church and favorite Moravian ministries. Give now online as the Spirit moves you.

For more information, please reach out to us.

  • Anthony's Plot
    Anthony’s Plot

    Anthony’s Plot is a growing network of people striving to reflect our love for Jesus as we share our lives and use our collective gifts to strengthen and support those who face sudden or systemic disenfranchisement, to invite and encourage those who seek spiritually, and to challenge and enable one another to become more like the individuals and the interdependent community Jesus has taught us to be.

    Our community is made up of long-term residents, short-term residents (learners, workers, guests, and visitors), very active participants, and many supporters (some who are local individuals and groups, and some who help sustain us through their involvement from afar).

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  • Archives, Southern Province
    Archives, Southern Province

    The Moravian Archives is the official repository for records of the Moravian Church in America, Southern Province. The Province includes Moravian churches and fellowships in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia. Our records begin with the establishment of the first southern Moravian settlement in 1753 at Bethabara, NC (now part of Winston-Salem), and continue until the present day. While our main function is to serve the Church in the collecting, cataloging, and safekeeping of those materials, we also make many of our holdings available for research by genealogists, academics, cultural institutions, and the general public.

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  • Archives, Northern Province
    Archives, Northern Province

    The Moravian Archives is the official repository for the records of the Moravian Church in America – Northern Province. The Northern Province covers the Moravian churches in the United States (except for North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Virginia) and Canada.

    The Bethlehem Moravian Archives also holds records from the Moravian Church in Alaska, Labrador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Eastern West-Indies. For records from the Moravian Church in the Southern Province (North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Virginia) contact the Moravian Archives in Winston-Salem, NC, www.moravianarchives.org. Information on other Moravian collections can be found on the Moravian archives portal.

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  • Armando Rusindo Mission Foundation (Moravian Missions in Cuba)
    Armando Rusindo Mission Foundation (ARMF)

    ARMF helps raise awareness and support the needs of the people in Cuba. Rather than dictating projects, the ARMF works closely with our mission partners to hear their needs, and develop a plan of action. Our Cuban brothers and sisters are starving for financial help to get their projects underway for their church. This is a country where the average monthly wage for a worker is US $20.00 and US $30.00 for medical doctors. People have to find other jobs to subsidize their income in order to make ends meet. Your gift will help support missions in the various areas of concern.


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  • Auburn Homes
    Auburn Homes

    Auburn Homes & Services empowers residents to live life with purpose and passion. With campus locations in Chaska and Waconia, MN, Auburn Homes & Services offers independent living, assisted living and memory care as well as rehabilitation services and skilled nursing care.

    We offer comfortable living options and a diverse range of services for seniors seeking the ideal balance between independence and support. Our senior living communities have all the comforts of home with cozy spaces and a welcoming atmosphere.

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  • Board of Cooperative Ministries
    Board of Cooperative Ministries

    The Board of Cooperative Ministries (BCM) serves Moravians and their congregations as they make disciples, build community, and mobilize people to mission and action. Your investment in BCM’s work strengthens leaders and congregations, enables Moravian faith formation and resource development, and creates space for individuals and groups to effect change in social ministry and mission. Our hands-on youth, college, and young adult ministry support provides a foundation for the church of tomorrow.  Visit MoravianBCM.Org for more information and to get involved!


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  • Board of World Mission
    Board of World Mission (BWM)

    The BWM is about the work of God in the world through serving and sending God’s people to bring others to know and follow Christ. As the mission arm of the North American Moravian Church, the BWM represents the Northern, Southern, and Alaska Provinces. We are dedicated to bringing people to our Lord and to sharing Christ’s love and Word throughout the world.

    We do this in a variety of ways:

    • We send people in mission through Antioch, which provides opportunities for North Americans to share their gifts in service as they broaden their own understanding of the issues that face our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
    • We serve people through our Moravian Volunteer Response—providing disaster relief, as well as work crews for specific projects.
    • We work with our Partner Provinces to promote leadership development and sustainable churches that continue to share the gospel to the unreached.
    • We collaborate in Mission Partnerships with cross-cultural servants, with our ecumenical colleagues, and with our constituent congregations and members in order to reach out in mission.
    • We build capacity through our Likewise Ministry, strengthening communities to better provide for the needs of families and children, especially those impacted by HIV and AIDS.
    • We explore New Work within the worldwide Moravian Unity, with a focus on outreach in Sierra Leone, Cuba, and Peru.

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  • Camp Hope
    Camp Hope

    Hope Conference and Renewal Center (Camp Hope) is the year-round camp, conference and retreat center for the Eastern District of the Moravian Church. Hope Center is situated on a hillside overlooking Little Silver Lake, with 125 acres of forests, wetlands, fields and lawns. Camp Hope has been located at its current site in Hope, NJ, since 1946.

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  • Come and Worship (Emerging Ministry)
    Come and Worship (Emerging Ministry) meets at the Liberty Arts Coffee Shop in Winston-Salem

    Come and Worship is a new model of Moravian worship, ministry and community.  Our Mission Statement is: “Gathering in Christ, growing faith and fellowship with all; going out to serve.”

    We offer a safe, inviting, relaxed and open atmosphere for worship and fellowship. Here, you will find Christian worship opportunities that combine traditional and new forms of worship in both informal and interactive ways. We focus on historical Moravian principles of simplicity, devotion to Christ, fellowship and music.

    Our ministry offers interesting, relevant worship themes that follow the church year. We pay attention to personal and communal needs, and we believe in fostering a caring community.  It is our goal to promote mission activity while exploring both faith and community.


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  • Estamos Unidos Ministry (Emerging Ministry)
    Estamos Unidos Ministry (Emerging Ministry)

    We are called to serve the Hispanic immigrant community through living testimony of our Christian faith by providing education to first-generation Hispanics and their descendants. This ministry started with a vision to reach out to the Hispanic community in Forsyth County area by the Moravian Church Southern Province in 2017 after a thoughtful and prayerful process

    By collaborating with other local organizations that share our focus on the Hispanic community, we provide a wide variety of educational opportunities in English and Spanish. In all things, we strive to present God’s love to our neighbors by living our Moravian essentials of Faith, Love, and Hope.

    En el 2017, la Iglesia Cristiana Morava después de un proceso reflexivo y lleno de oración decidió empezar un ministerio hispano. Nuestro llamado es servir a la comunidad Hispana de inmigrantes a través del testimonio vivo de nuestra fe cristiana brindándoles educación, a ellos como primera generación y a sus familias.

    En la búsqueda de proporcionar una amplia variedad de oportunidades educativas colaboramos con otras organizaciones locales que comparten nuestro enfoque educativo.

    En todo lo que hacemos siempre buscamos reflejar el amor de Dios a nuestro prójimo, viviendo nuestros principios esenciales Moravos, que son la Fe, el Amor y la Esperanza.

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  • Iglesia Esperanza for Bethlehem (Emerging Ministry)
    Iglesia Esperanza for Bethlehem

    We serve the Latino community in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania with worship, bible study, music, computer, English, tutoring and exercise classes. We sponsor community outreach and a day of service with free lunch, kid’s games and music all day. Our partner congregations are instrumental in this event including organizing food, clothing, books, toys, toothbrushes, disposable diaper and wipes giveaways. Our partner churches collect backpacks and school supplies, coats, hats and mittens. The goal of Esperanza is to bring hope to people who are dealing with overwhelming deficits including economic, medical, separations from homeland and families, transportation needs, under employment, educational and in some cases legal issues.

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  • Interprovincial Board of Communication (IBOC)
    Interprovincial Board of Communication (IBOC)

    The IBOC is the communication and publication ministry of the Moravian Church in North America (Southern and Northern Provinces).

    Key responsibilities of the IBOC include:

    • The Moravian Magazine, the official journal of the Moravian Church in North America.
    • The North American editions of the Moravian Daily Texts, one of the oldest continuously published daily devotionals in the world.
    • Moravian.org, the Moravian Church in America’s main web presence. In addition, we manage Facebook pages for the Moravian Daily Texts and The Moravian Magazine.
    • Publications of the Moravian Church in America. The IBOC offers more than 40 titles, along with worship and congregational resources, sacramental certificates, Moravian gift items and the Sunday bulletin service.
    • Communication resources for the Church. We provide communication counsel and expertise, design options, workshops and other resources to congregations and church agencies.
    • Church member database/official Directory & Statistics maintenance. In partnership with the Moravian Ministries Foundation in America, the IBOC maintains the church member database.

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  • Larger Life Foundation
    Larger Life Foundation

    Our purpose is to serve others and the Lord by providing financial assistance to ministries of the Moravian Church, Northern Province (MCNP).

    • Camping programs that serve thousands of children and their families through recreational programs, spiritual retreats, and fellowship
    • Ministerial training and academic programs at Moravian Theological Seminary
    • Transitional housing for homeless older adults in New York City at Moravian Open Door
    • Supporting residents of our Moravian retirement communities
    • Funding educational programs at Moravian College, Moravian Academy, and Linden Hall
    • Supporting the world missions of the Moravian Church
    • Supplementing the Province’s health and pension funds for pastors and their spouses
    • Helping churches meet critical needs, expenses, and capital project goals

    We provide financial assistance in the form of:

    • Funds distributed to identified core ministries
    • Discretionary grants
    • Loans to churches

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  • Laurel Ridge
    Laurel Ridge Camp, Conference & Retreat Center
    Laurel Ridge is a mountain place set apart for forming disciples of Jesus Christ who live and learn in community to serve the world. Located in the mountains of North Carolina, it’s a summer camp for children of all ages, congregational retreat destination, and conference center.

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  • Mt. Morris
    Mt. Morris

    Established in 1964, Mt. Morris Camp & Conference Center is a year-round premier camp, retreat, and conference center that serves hundreds of groups each year. Schools, businesses, churches and families select Mt. Morris Camp & Conference Center as their location because our facilities are well adapted for a variety of uses and programs. Mt. Morris Camp and Conference Center, located in Wautoma, WI, hosts summer camps, church groups, retreats, meetings, conferences, and weddings.

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  • Moravian Center Adult Day (Lancaster)
    Moravian Center Adult Day

    Moravian Center Adult Day provides a safe, warm and welcoming setting for your Mom, Dad, or other loved ones to spend their day. They will be welcomed by friends and caring staff, and treated like members of our own family. Our goal is to provide rewarding interactions with other seniors, and activities that promote overall well-being physically, cognitively, and spiritually.

    We want to help your loved one make the best of the skills he or she has, maximizing independence, and offer respite to those caregivers also in need. By caring for your loved one, we are caring for you too. Hugs, laughter, fun, singing, devotions, movies, love, exercise, art, music, meals, and compassion are the order of the day.

    The Lancaster Moravian Church has embraced service to seniors as their mission, which is reflected in the creation of the Adult Day program. Faith, friendship, and dedication to the honor and service to the elderly is our guide. Enhancing the quality of life for seniors of Lancaster County, and supporting their desire to remain at home for as long as possible is our goal.

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  • Moravian Open Door
    Moravian Open Door

    Moravian Open Door is a not-for-profit (501c-3) organization committed to providing transitional housing and supportive services to the homeless, distressed and underserved population of New York City. Our ministry serves those individuals who are fifty and older with the goal of helping them regain their independence and security and assisting them in moving to appropriate permanent facilities.

    Established in 1987 by the Eastern District of the Moravian Church in North America, MOD is funded solely by church and private donations and a nominal monthly program fee. MOD does not receive any city, state, or federal funding.

    MOD is not a drop-in shelter or a nursing facility, but is a safe, clean, drug and alcohol-free transitional home (called Moravian House) that provides private and semi-private rooms for up to 41 homeless adults who are just “one step away” from independence. Individuals come to MOD recommended by a shelter or agency in New York. Upon admission, each new resident receives a personal service plan to address the causes of homelessness and to build greater self-reliance. Residents have their own mailboxes and also an email address; they also have the use of the kitchen and the Common Room.

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  • Moravian Music Foundation
    Moravian Music Foundation

    We were founded in 1956, to preserve, study, edit and publish the music retained in the Archives of the Moravian Church in America, Northern and Southern Provinces.

    The Moravian Music Foundation preserves, shares and celebrates Moravian musical culture.

    Since our establishment, we have acquired many additional items, including the Irving Lowens Collection of early American tunebooks; the band books of the 26th North Carolina Regimental Band (from the Civil War); and a reference library of over 6,000 volumes, specializing in Protestant church music and American music history.

    We are responsible for many first modern-day performances of music from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This organization is an important resource for scholars, performers, church musicians, and students worldwide. Over 40 orchestral works from our holdings have been edited and placed in the Fleisher Collection of the Philadelphia (PA) Free Library.

    The collections of the Moravian Music Foundation contain some 10,000 manuscripts and early imprints of vocal and instrumental music, sacred and secular, from the sixteenth through twentieth centuries. Not all of this was written by Moravian composers, but it is all music which the Moravians used and enjoyed. Included in the collections of the Moravian Music Foundation are works by Haydn and Mozart, J. C. Bach, Abel, Johann Stamitz, and a host of lesser-known composers. A number of these are the only known copies in the world.

    The Moravian collections, then, provide a cross-section of classical musical culture, placing the masters in their proper historical perspective.

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  • Salem Congregation
    Salem Congregation

    Salem Congregation is a church agency affiliated with the Moravian Church in America, Southern Province. It is a non-profit religious and charitable, incorporated, organization representing twelve Moravian churches in the City of Winston-Salem, NC. Salem Congregation serves its church members, the communities where the churches are located, and the larger purposes of all Moravian churches.

    The group conducts worship services on special days; sponsors a Moravian band for church and community events; operates and maintains a central, historic graveyard for burial of church members; receives gifts and bequests of all types, and uses these resources to support church programs. The Congregation is governed by Boards elected by the member churches.

    The present-day Salem Congregation organization has evolved over many years. It was first created to manage the settlement and life of the town of Salem in the colonial period of the United States. Established in April 1772 under the name Congregation Council, it has operated continuously since.

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  • Society for Promoting The Gospel (SPG)
    Society for Promoting The Gospel (SPG)

    The mission of SPG is to support the work of the Board of World Missions and offer mission grants to Moravian congregations and agencies of the Northern Province. Grants are made annually and the deadline for applications is April 15.

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  • Sunnyside Ministries
    Sunnyside Ministries

    Sunnyside Ministries, located in Winston-Salem, NC, provides food, clothing, and financial education to residents of portions of Forsyth and Davidson Counties.

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  • Tricklebee Cafe (Emerging Ministry)
    Tricklebee Cafe

    We are a pay-what-you-can community café that offers healthy meals, food-service training, and spiritual nourishment. We are a ministry of the Moravian Church in America.

    We offer a space to foster community, connections, goodwill, and a love for real food with simple ingredients. By offering an inclusive and welcoming space, we hope to bring health, positivity, and peace to our neighborhood.

    By providing fresh, healthy, locally-grown food to anyone regardless of ability to pay, we address food insecurity by feeding the immediate need of hunger, while providing resources to educate and inspire people to make a habit of healthy eating. Access to healthy food helps people to better care for themselves and their neighbors, which heals and strengthens community.

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  • Unity Women's Desk
    Unity Women’s Desk

    The Unity Women’s Desk is an undertaking of the worldwide Moravian Church. Its purpose is to positively impact the lives of women and girls by coordinating the spiritual, financial, educational, and material resources that exist throughout the Moravian Unity.

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