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Pooled Investment through the Moravian Common Fund

Building capital for God’s work requires prudent investments. Through the Moravian Common Fund, we provide a way for Moravian churches and agencies to invest together to strengthen their ministries.

Created in 1998, the Common Fund is a pooled investment and endowment management vehicle currently managed by Abbot Downing. Abbot Downing is the ultra-high-net-worth business line of Wells Fargo. They manage more than $45 billion in client assets.

We are dedicated to providing Common Fund participants with superior investment returns at the lowest cost. As part of this continued commitment, the Foundation undertakes a peer group study of faith-based and community foundation investment returns. For the fourth consecutive year, the Moravian Common Fund’s growth portfolio’s performance ranked number one. In particular, our growth portfolio ranked number one during the past year, five and ten-year periods ending June 30, 2016. The complete study is available here.

Despite the recent recession, the growth rate for the total value of assets under management has been remarkable. Click here to see the most recent performance report.

A list of current Common Fund participants is available here.

Organization & Planning

In all our work, whether for individuals or congregations, the Moravian Ministries Foundation in America helps organize and simplify the work of ministry. Using structured and proven processes, we can help you discover, clarify and articulate your specific mission. We can help you understand the tools of philanthropy and the choices available to you. We can take care of the logistical and administrative work of:

  • Setting up endowment funds
  • Managing the accounting, performance monitoring and reporting
  • Establishing spending policies
  • Contingency and succession planning
  • Acting as trustees
  • Due diligence for the entities that receive your gifts

Investment Options & Reporting

The Moravian Ministries Foundation in America provides a range of investment options to suit the risk tolerance for any investor. Choices include: Income & Growth, Balanced, Growth & Income, Growth, and Aggressive Growth funds.