As an agency of the Moravian Church of North America, our purpose is to help grow funds for Moravian ministries.

We do not raise money for our own operations. Instead, we help Moravians identify the work and values they most want to support, and provide proven, sensible options for achieving their goals.

How can we help you achieve your goals for ministry?

Gift Planning

MMFA can work with you to maximize the impact of your charitable giving across all the Moravian ministries, agencies and congregations you choose to support. We also help optimize your tax benefits, and personal goals/mission.

We help you plan your gifts and organize your charitable giving through various tools of philanthropy, including:

Stewardship Development

We can help your congregation strengthen and grow its ministry impact through stewardship development, campaign consulting, and fundraising services.

Investment Management

We add value for both you and your congregation through administrative and investment services, such as our pooled investment solution, the Moravian Common Fund.